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Chainsaw Carvings For Sale...

Anything you see on our website can be made to order and if you have your own vision that you would like turned into a Thomas Carving, we can help there too.

Chainsaw carvers strongly believe in taking something pure and natural from nature earth and converting it into something even more magnificent through the art of chainsaw carving.

Every one of our carvings are bespoke to your requirements and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Our pieces can take anything from several hours to several weeks, or even months to create.

We are privileged to receive a very diverse range of commissions from our customers.

Often we carve people’s pets as gifts for loved ones.

Other times we capture wildlife, nature and animals onto carvings of furniture for the home or garden.

We can be commissioned by councils, corporations, schools, hotels, television companies and many more to create showpieces which have significant meaning to their projects or organisations.

Sometimes we are asked to create simplistic and functional pieces out of spectacular examples of wood just to celebrate the beauty of different types of raw materials...

Really there is no end to our service, so please do contact us to discuss your vision;/contact-us


If you’re stuck thinking of unique wedding anniversary gifts, then look no further than Thomas Carving… A bespoke carving from us will show the one (or couple) you love, that you’ve given genuine thought to the occasion and will act as a lasting reminder of the day.

Thomas Carving has been commissioning unique gifts since their very beginning. We are award-winning experts at creating stunning carvings for both private and professional use – and have been commissioned by Hereford and Powys County Council, The Forestry Commission and Sandringham Estate to carve sculptures for public display.
The tradition of wedding gifts originates back to the Holy Roman Empire. Husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on their twenty-fifth anniversary, and a gold wreath on the fiftieth.

Fortunately, for those of us not able to afford silver or gold by such volume – this particular trend has now been favoured by the following gift types…

1st Year – Paper
2nd Year – Cotton
3rd Year – Leather
4th Year – Linen or Silk
5th Year – Wood…!

So, if you want to deliver the wow factor that holds true relevance, is 100% natural and stands the test of time – we think that Thomas Carving is the perfect choice for 5th wedding anniversary gifts that literally no-one else can make…

Thomas Carving Furniture
Over the years, Thomas Carving has been creating animal sculptures, wooden carvings, garden ornaments and all manner of chainsaw carvings. We have a huge experience in carving a variety of different wildlife, and if you didn’t know already, are additionally experts in carving chainsaw furniture.
If you’re looking for a bespoke designed bench or table for your garden, then Thomas Carving will be able to deliver the job. We can guarantee 100% individual furniture, as all of our products are handmade with chainsaws!

We work closely with clients to create bespoke chainsaw furniture that looks amazing and is gloriously functional for lounging outside during a hot summer’s day.

Due to many years’ experience, we will guarantee you the perfect chainsaw furniture. From a small simple stool – to a bench for the whole family, all the way up to an extravagant table. With every new piece of furniture, we carefully select the wood and finish. This ensures that only the best quality materials are used which results in an amazing product. Our highly trained and talented artisans are looking forward to carving amazing chainsaw furniture just for you.
We consider not only our animal sculptures to be pieces of art, but also our furniture. Detailed chainsaw carvings will make your outdoor space as individual as the sculpture itself. At Thomas Carving, we take our work very seriously and work with passion to create truly exciting and evocative sculptures.

Each chainsaw carver may tend to have his or her own individual style, which makes each piece of furniture unique. You may want to look at our existing work, which you can view by clicking here. Our gallery highlights furniture, animals, signage and statues.