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I’m Victoria and I’m going to be letting you know, every month, the adventures the boys are having whilst carving their way through the weeks.

I thought it would be fun, and to give you an idea of their work, to recap on what carvings were made and shows we attended. So, I’m going to start off in January; Which fortunately Harry and Danny were eased into gently after the Christmas rush. The commissions they received included a Chihuahua dog and a Meerkat, this is just a small example of the variety of orders that come through. Harry also carved a 3ft bear which was destined for the outback in Australia and a 6ft bear to be pack off to Germany via Kent. Some pretty complicated logistics!!

February was the month that all these logistics were put into place, and I’m happy to report they all arrived without a hitch. Many thanks to Dave Lewis from Inexpress, who helps me with all our delivery admin.

March, April and May were all consumed by carving stock for the up and coming summer shows. We had many commissions in-between but now is the time that we upgrade and maintain the kit including vehicles, have a clear up and give the studio and workshop a makeover. With all that done we were ready for the spring and summer shows to commence. Always busy, always fun!
The first show of the year was in East Germany, hosted by another carver who has been a stalwart in the carving world. He has done much promotion for the art and is a fantastic host. The boys did a joint carving of Bear table and bench, which consisted of 4 bears in total. They also managed to carve a 5ft bear in half an hour, this was a rare occasion that two carvers got together and worked on the same carving at the same time, Dangerous stuff!

The next show was Woodfest in North Wales, a great show run by the Belfield Family, and now in its 12th Year. The Boys carved a massive bear that came in at a whopping 11 feet tall!

July was a month of replenishing stock and Danny attended a couple of smaller shows. One of our daughters got married so July was very busy for us on the family front! Although, Harry carved a stunning 6ft Bear and cub, carved out of one piece of oak.
August arrived with lovely weather and a chance to sort through the wood and buy in some big logs and planks for benches. The end of August was all about the big show. The boys love this show, carvers from all around the world gather to compete for the prestigious title of 1st place, English Open Champion. I am so proud to announce that our Danny won that title with his carving of a pair of African Elephant heads, indeed a wonderful work of art.

We then marched into September with the boys all fired up for the APF (The UK’s largest Forestry, Woodland and Arboricultural exhibition) a biannual show. The weather was great and this show, the European championship, is another chance for us to see many of our carving family and as always the standard was high. Once again I am extremely proud to announce that Harry came 1st and Danny 2nd. This was a fantastic result and the boys worked extremely hard for it.

October and November were spent, as always, getting ready for Christmas and usually what we call, stump jobs, this is when the boys are commissioned by a customer to carve a standing tree, usually in their garden. These are hugely popular for people who have trees felled and must have a stump left in, some people aren’t sure at first and are later inspired, usually by Thomas Carving! But many have their trees felled with the view of having a carving done. There are beautiful examples of these on our website.
December was full of a delightful mixture of steady orders and Christmas preparations. The workshop and gallery were elegantly decorated with hanging lights, much to the boy’s dismay!

So, our year has been a successful one with Harry and Danny getting fantastic results from the competitions, and a steady flow of orders, with the odd unusual request!

Stay tuned for the next Thomas Carving blog.




Welcome to our 1st blog for August 2015. If you’re stuck thinking of unique wedding anniversary gifts, then look no further than Thomas Carving… A bespoke carving from us will show the one (or couple) you love, that you’ve given genuine thought to the occasion and will act as a lasting reminder of the day.

Thomas Carving has been commissioning unique gifts since their very beginning. We are award-winning experts at creating stunning carvings for both private and professional use – and have been commissioned by Hereford and Powys County Council, The Forestry Commission and Sandringham Estate to carve sculptures for public display.
The tradition of wedding gifts originates back to the Holy Roman Empire. Husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on their twenty-fifth anniversary, and a gold wreath on the fiftieth.

Fortunately, for those of us not able to afford silver or gold by such volume – this particular trend has now been favoured by the following gift types…

1st Year – Paper
2nd Year – Cotton
3rd Year – Leather
4th Year – Linen or Silk
5th Year – Wood…!

Our repertoire of all things carved from wood is almost limitless. Harry and the team are able to sculpt almost any animal or mammal imaginable:

Bears (a speciality…) ​​​​​​​

We’ve even made Avatar statues and Spitting Image style busts of HRH!​​​​​​​
The list is endless…

We can create from our own stock of wood and can even create on site to restore your tree stumps into something of true beauty.

In addition to statues, figures, animals and beyond, we are adept at sculpting unique signage and furniture.
The only real restriction is imagination.

So, if you want to deliver the wow factor that holds true relevance, is 100% natural and stands the test of time – we think that Thomas Carving is the perfect choice for ​​​​​​​5th wedding anniversary gifts that literally no-one else can make…​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Over the years, Thomas Carving has been creating animal sculptures, wooden carvings, garden ornaments and all manner of chainsaw carvings. We have a huge experience in carving a variety of different wildlife, and if you didn’t know already, are additionally experts in carving chainsaw furniture.
If you’re looking for a bespoke designed bench or table for your garden, then Thomas Carving will be able to deliver the job. We can guarantee 100% individual furniture, as all of our products are handmade with chainsaws!

We work closely with clients to create bespoke chainsaw furniture that looks amazing and is gloriously functional for lounging outside during a hot summer’s day.

Due to many years’ experience, we will guarantee you the perfect chainsaw furniture. From a small simple stool – to a bench for the whole family, all the way up to an extravagant table. With every new piece of furniture, we carefully select the wood and finish. This ensures that only the best quality materials are used which results in an amazing product. Our highly trained and talented artisans are looking forward to carving amazing chainsaw furniture just for you.
We consider not only our animal sculptures to be pieces of art, but also our furniture. Detailed chainsaw carvings will make your outdoor space as individual as the sculpture itself. At Thomas Carving, we take our work very seriously and work with passion to create truly exciting and evocative sculptures.

Each chainsaw carver may tend to have his or her own individual style, which makes each piece of furniture unique. You may want to look at our existing work, which you can view by clicking here. Our gallery highlights furniture, animals, signage and statues.